Meet The Meier Team: Brian Meier

Meet The Meier Team: Brian Meier

Welcome to the “Meet The Meier Team” interview series!

Some quick background: The Meier Team is a small team with a combined 68 years of residential sales experience. With over 2,000 properties sold in the past 18 years, aggregate sales have totaled over two billion dollars. The team has represented over 30 development projects in New York City and for five consecutive years has been the number one selling team in NYC by volume of transactions, according to The Wall Street Journal.

At the helm is our fearless leader, Brian Meier. Emerging from the tragedy of 9/11 into the brave new world of downtown NYC, he forged a brand new career in real estate and put together one of the most successful teams in the business.



Where are you from originally and what first drew you to New York City?

Long Island. Long Island seemed terrible to me when I was a kid and it seemed that everyone growing up there wanted to get out. Since then the island has flourished but it is still a hard place to do business.

How did you break into the real estate industry?

9/11. It was a difficult time downtown for many reasons. It was tremendously hard to convince people to move into the financial district following the attacks. My previous job had closed indefinitely as we where located close to ground zero and I was quickly hired as a real estate agent to market properties in this area.

What traits have contributed to your success in the business?

Persistence and identifying an opportunity. That’s it! I don’t give up on a deal, client or anything I feel could end in a positive result. I remember when I was working at Elliman and management was looking for somebody to manage a low income project in East New York. Every broker laughed it off, except for me. I saw the potential and jumped on it. Over three years we sold 400+ apartments as part of that project and made many people a lot of money.

What advice would you give first-time buyers in New York City who are apprehensive about making a purchase?

Don’t be. Understand it is going to be hard and stressful from the get go but your broker is there to streamline the process and deal with any issues. In over 2,000 sales, I do not recall one client saying “I should not have bought this property.” I have been told, “I wish I made that purchase…” every day from hundreds of different clients. It wont be perfect, but it is the right decision.

What’s the most rewarding experience you’ve had in the industry?

Putting a family or individual in a home they love and stopping by a month or two after the closing and seeing the warm and happy environment they’ve created.  The joy in my clients’ eyes is just the best.

A close second to that is making a client a ton of money, especially when it is very meaningful to them. I’ve brought a client three times their yearly income on a buy/sell deal many times during my career. When I see how that changes their life it is so inspiring and rewarding.

Describe your team dynamic. What do you love most about leading it?

The team is an extended family. I love to see all members learn and grow. We work together and share our knowledge and support each other. The more established agents  help the newer ones through teaching and advice. The younger ones help by giving their time and hard work. We all work together overseeing all deals and clients. This is why we keep it relatively small, as Kate (my wife and business partner) and I need to be there for everyone and that personal interaction can’t work in a team setting with hundreds of agents. Our truly hands on approach is also why a team like ours is so valuable.

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