Meet The Meier Team: Kate Meier

Meet The Meier Team: Kate Meier

Kate and I are from the same small town upstate. We actually grew up on the same street! It’s a very small world. She and Brian met in New York City 10 years ago and together they have grown an adorable family and a multi faceted real estate team.



Where are you from originally and what first drew you to New York City?

Upstate: Loudonville, New York specifically. As a singer and lover of theatre though, it always felt like The Big Apple was calling my name.

What’s it like working alongside your husband? 

Really amazing and really tough at times. Brian knows my background and my strengths so I think working together was his secret plan all along but the path was not a straight line. In the beginning, I think the hurdle was how our parenting roles at home with our boys would cross over into our roles at work, but we realized we bring out the best in each other either way. Over time, in any setting, we’ve fallen into a natural rhythm in which we understand that we are the ying to each other’s yang and it works well for us. Each of our characteristics compliment and play off the other, so with ego out of the way, we could take it to the next level in our professional lives. It’s a different kind of bond when you don’t have to tell each other about a hard day because you are right there next to them during it. There is never a dull moment in this industry or in our Aries/Taurus relationship and we’ve evolved that into the creative and authentic value we bring to the team and our clients.

Kate, Atticus, Auggie & Brian

Name one character trait that you believe is most important in being a successful broker.

Think outside the box. I don’t mean adapting to the current market condition or the evolving industry. It’s not about landing a listing or having a buyer, it’s about how to get to the closing table in this city. The insane amount of hiccups that come up from coop boards, to building issues to delays from another involved party (be it a lawyer, banker, other side’s broker or client): any of that can kill a deal. If there is a delay and the client’s locked interest rate is about to expire, if the client got rejected or any other of the exorbitant amount of issues that come up… they all require the ability to solve it. Brian is truly the king of solutions and he has shown me not only how he solves something but how that is the life or death of a deal.

Who are your favorite interior designers?

Most of my inspiration comes from scavenging around on social media. I have thousands of saved works of so many different people, from the stay at home mom blogger to Scandinavian designers I found on instagram. Some staples would include Emily Henderson, Becki Owens, Joy Cho of Oh Joy!, Jean Stoffer, Nina Tikesh, Norm Architects and Nam Dang-Mitchell to name just a few.

You can find inspiration for design everywhere. For example on instagram:

I could go on and on. I feel like I have just begun and am still diving into the archives not only to educate myself but for inspiration so I know the list will grow!

Kate & Brian’s Living Room

Where do you recommend shopping for interiors on a budget?

So many good places! Each one carries a “go to” for different categories. For example, Ikea is great for certain things like storage and shelving. I love Zara home, ABC Carpet & Home Brooklyn (while it is not strictly a warehouse store; it has the coveted markdown section), Cb2, West Elm, Home Goods, Home Sense, Target and Restoration Hardware.


  • If you can, wait until those certain times in the year when they have those amazing sales on the entire site. Most of the time you know it’s coming and can timeline your bigger pieces for this.
  • EBAY. Go there and buy a coupon for the big ticket items or the big purchase.  I had been eyeing the lucite trunk from Cb2 and saved I think $80-100 off from a $5 coupon I bought on ebay.

Three books I think are a must:

  1. Remodelista, A Manual for the Considered Home by Julie Carlson. This is like a bible for the new home renovator. Also, in the back of the book there is a treasure trove of resources and sources listed out, anything from knick knacks to paint or hardware.
  2. The Interior Design, Reference and Specification Book:Everything Interior Designers Need to Know Every Day by Chris Grimley and Mimi Love
  3. The Fairchild Books Dictionary of Interior Design 3rd Edition by Mark Hinchman. These latter two give the novice designer terms that allow you to not only understand the industry but also to better outline your desired designs and expenses.

To highlight how I went about a few projects in our own home, one fun example is the ice cream chandelier I made. We wanted something fun for the showcase piece in our space but everything I liked was $5000-$15,000. I knew the terms for different lighting from the books I read and it led me to google “funky pendants” which led me to Alex Garnett. I fell in love with his handmade ceramic ice cream cone pendants and his pricing. Then, I went to Etsy and searched “rustic beam lighting” or something like that, which led me to a mason jar chandelier hanging from basic wood circles. I took out the mason jars, spray painted the wood a gloss white color and had my favorite guy Larry from Legends Lamp Shades replace the mason jars with the ice cream pendants. And viola, all for under $2000.00. You can apply this creative method to any price point!



Atticus & Auggie’s work and play spaces

What can’t you live without in your own home?

The Meier boys (Brian and our two sons, Atticus- age 8 & Auggie- age 5), Smith’s Rosebud Salve and books. And last but not least: Kimberly Clark purple nitrate gloves! Living in a home outnumbered by boys and working in an industry where anything goes, I seriously can’t go a week without using these!

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