Meet The Meier Team: Bruce Goveia

Meet The Meier Team: Bruce Goveia

Originally from Toronto but a New Yorker now for almost 25 years, Bruce currently lives in Park Slope in a historic brownstone with his family.


Where are you from originally and what first drew you to New York City?

I’m originally from Toronto. I moved to Southern California in the early nineties and spent about 5 years there before coming to NYC in 1995. I enjoyed LA while I was there but I realized that I prefer city living and the endless urban sprawl of SOCal just had no soul. So when an opportunity arose with my job to move to New York I grabbed it and have never looked back.

What attracted you to real estate?

New York real estate is so dynamic, there are new areas booming just as other areas go a little out of fashion. It’s endlessly fascinating and it presents a great challenge to spot these trends.

How did you break into the industry?

I was very lucky to have a close connection to a member of the Meier Team who put in a good word for me, securing me a spot on one of the top teams in NYC, which is a very rare thing for a rookie agent. With a wealth of life and business experience, I felt ready and was able to hit the ground running.

What unique characteristics make you successful in this very competitive industry?

I’ve been in sales forever, and I’ve learned that really listening to clients is something a lot of agents don’t seem to do very well. Let the client do most of the talking. Listening and responding to their unique concerns and circumstances is the best way to show that you are the one who can help them achieve their real estate goals, and you also stand out from the pack, who often have a rehearsed “pitch” that they don’t stray from very much.

What advice do you have for a brand new agent?

Fake it til you make it! Dress like a million bucks, and visit as many properties as you can to learn the market.

What’s the most rewarding experience in real estate you’ve had so far?

Taking over a listing that another agent had for six months, and getting it into contract within six weeks. The best part was that I had pitched the seller for the listing, but they ultimately chose another agent (who lived in their building). Then, when that agent failed to bring a deal together the seller decide to give me the listing and I got creative with marketing and aggressive with negotiations to get a great price for my client.

What advice would you give first-time buyers in New York City who are apprehensive about making a purchase?

Make sure to choose an agent with a very solid track record, and trust their advice. Unless you are looking very short term real estate is always going to be a good investment.

What are some of your favorite shops and restaurants in your own neighborhood?

I’ve lived in Park Slope for 11 years, and always love brunch at Stone Park Café, dinner at Al Di La and Convivium. Cocktails at Blueprint.


What do you do in your spare time?

I love to ride and race motorcycles, and I’m an avid cook and a wine geek.

What do you love most about your own home?

I love that we live in a century-old Brownstone, but still have all the modern comforts and conveniences. I also love our home’s proximity to Prospect Park, I’m there every single day.

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