Why Buy with Me?

The 10 Simple Reasons Why:

  1. Locating Your Dream Apartment

Currently, we are finding the majority of the properties on the market are posted on websites frequented to everyday consumers. However, this does not include private listings, which are not advertised on the aforementioned websites. Often these are a better buy for the consumer for that very reason. Our team has access to these exclusive apartments and we will lead you to them, giving you a better opportunity to buy a New York City home on your terms.

2. Your Purchase Team

Choosing specialized professionals to work with you, who are legally required and professionally bound to protect your interests, can be the safest way to safeguard your rights as a buyer. When these relationships are forged, they can be priceless assets in the purchase process.

3. Paying a Lower Price

With our help, you can obtain your new property for a better price and with a smoother process. We understand the leveraging of current market pricing and identify factors that will affect sales negotiations. The strong relationships we have with the broker or owner directly assists us in the negotiations. We often anticipate what the seller will accept even before seeing the apartment. Once you have found your new home, but before you sign the contracts, we will act aggressively to locate any apartments coming available in the building or surrounding area at a lower price.

4. Taking Care of the Problems

Buying real estate can be difficult. Sometimes even the easiest transactions encounter bumps along the way. Our team has the experience to navigate through this obstacle course because we have been through it many times before.

5. The Access

We utilize a host of search engines and innovative means to find apartments you would otherwise not be privy to. With over 30 years of combined experience and expertise we have developed a solid relationship with every real estate company in Manhattan. This allows us to gain access to a plethora of homes all over the city.

6. Relationships

The New York City real estate community is small. We have always prided ourselves on maintaining solid relationships in our close-knit community. Brokers recognize our team as fair, honest, and discreet, giving you an immeasurable advantage when making a last minute appointment or gaining leverage during the negotiation process.

7. Experience

We are consistently rated as one of the most successful real estate teams in New York City and The Hamptons. This wealth of experience helps you get the apartment you want at the price that fits your budget. Due to our experience, we can foresee potential problems that may arise and often resolve them before they occur.

8. The Back Office

After years in the business, we have built an amazing team to handle your purchase from start to finish. We are not just here to help you find a home, we are here to help you manage and protect the investment throughout the life of ownership. With our full staff at your disposal, we will always be here for you. Whether it is completing your board package or recommending a contractor, notarizing documents or helping find a real estate attorney, we are constantly working with your needs in mind.

9. We Are On it

Real estate is a 24/7 industry. We are on top of all market trends and constantly active. The reputation we have worked so hard to craft benefits our clients in many ways. We are always privy to the hottest new developments, key price adjustments and all of the market news you will need in order to make this important decision with sound judgement and confidence.

10. It is FREE!

The broker’s commission is paid by the seller.