Why sell with me?

Industry Contacts: We connect you with the best real estate attorneys and financing resources. How does this help you as a seller? If the purchaser is able to spend less on monthly mortgage interest, they can spend more on the sale of your property, earning you a higher sales price. Our connection with several lenders assures that we are kept continuously informed until the loan closes. We can work with them to resolve any potential snags that might occur. This is one of the many ways Meier Estates & Ventures ensures your property sells quickly, at the right price and without any headaches.

The Marketing Plan: Once you become one of our exclusive clients, we will create a customized plan, featuring more personalized strategies.

  • Photography: Our professional photographer will take the highest quality photos. We have been working with same photographer for 10 years and looking at hour current ads, it’s evident that the photos we use stand out in the market.
  • Floorplans: We use only high quality architectural floor plans by bringing in a trained professional to measure your entire home. The measurements are then published in a high resolution, user friendly format, giving all buyers a comprehensive view of your property from any computer, while keeping the advertised size accurate.
  • Video Tour: The video tours we create are like no other, featuring soaring wide angle views that roam through the property, while a professional narrator reads your property script accompanied by music. This, without question, separates your property from the rest, drawing in a perspective buyer to a unique, immersive, experience of your property.
  • Script: The written description of your property is created by our team and thoroughly edited before it is taken to a professional copywriter. This ensures you have the best, most marketable and engaging script for your home. The script is featured on every website on which we advertise and throughout the video tour.
  • Brochures: For each property we market, we create and individual, multi page brochure custom tailored to showcase each property’s most distinct and compelling features. This collateral fully informs each potential buyer about your property in a concise manner.
  • Online Marketing Exposure: We strive for the broadest reach so your property attains the highest profile. To ensure this, we advertise on approximately 40 websites, all of which we update daily. When promoting an open house or a special buyer’s incentive, the campaign will be entered into each website simultaneously. Collecting data from calls and emails couple with the ability to track the amount of prospective buyers who look at your apartment, gives us precise statistics about your property’s traffic and where to focus or improve ongoing marketing. We know that buyers come from many different areas and look for properties many different ways.
  • Social Media: We connect with multitudes of New Yorkers and countless potential buyers outside of NYC through our Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. These are platforms that consistently deliver increased interest and inquiries.  

Contact me directly to learn more my unique exposure in the marketplace and our hands on approach to the management of your listing!