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I am always intrigued and impressed by real estate agents with unique marketing platforms. With so much transparency in the market now and with so many agents and brokers competing for business in NYC, adding true value and distinguishing yourself from the rest of the pack is paramount.

Soho Strut

I also hugely support women in this business who are motivated, innovative and really set themselves apart. Danielle Nazinitsky is one of these women. She started Soho Strut in 2013 when she, a SoHo resident herself, realized that the area lacked a local voice – community news, local events and neighborhood gossip.

Originating as a blog, Soho Strut has become a network that connects SoHo-based business owners, retail managers, and residents through a robust online and offline community with monthly & quarterly meet-ups.  It provides an opportunity for business owners and managers in SoHo to talk to each other, work with each other, and ultimately strengthen their businesses and community.


Community Driven

How did Soho Strut come about?

I moved to Soho in 2010 and didn’t know where the locals ate, shopped and hung out. Once I got the hang I realized I was “strutting” around with an air of confidence and created the blog Soho Strut to help other people who were living, working and visiting Soho to feel comfortable here!  I create community-driven events and make the community a common thought. I call myself “Nyc’s first SoHocially responsible real estate agent” because I consciously give back to the community!

How did you break into NYC real estate?

I bought my first apartment in Soho in 2012 and couldn’t find an agent who added value to my search — I subsequently met two agents from Corcoran after I closed who I respected and decided to save up for two years as an accountant (I have a masters degree in Accounting) to become a real estate agent in the Soho Corcoran office!


What drew you to Soho?

Originally my cousin had a rent-controlled apartment on Spring Street when I was in college. When I did well in school, my dad would treat me to a plane ticket to visit her and I loved her life in Soho.

I love how convenient it is. All of the subways merge here!  Over time I didn’t think I could ever afford to live here but found the beautiful “South Village” area of Sullivan, THOMPSON and Macdougal streets. They have smaller apartments so they are more affordable.

What are your favorite restaurants and shops?

I love Blue Ribbon Brasserie and Sushi. Aquagrill, 12 Chairs, Emmett’s and the new Trader Joe’s that just opened!  Never any line. As far as openings, I’m excited for the Birkenstock store to open to see what they did architecturally to the space. It’s where the evolution store was for many years.

I think The Webster is the coolest store that has opened recently. I’m not super trendy but the architecture of the building plus the level of customer service is a win for Soho.

There is a new Orangetheory opening for fitness.


If you met someone brand new to the neighborhood, what would you tell them to do?

I’d tell them that they should reach out to me. I organize a lot of community events and initiatives. I’m spearheading “Clean Up Soho” and have raised over $150,000 this year for new larger garbage cans and supplemental street cleaning. I’m organizing Art Strut to promote art galleries and there are many non-profits to get involved with.

Are there any hidden gems even some New Yorkers wouldn’t necessarily know about?

I think I’ve learned to love the touristy parts of Soho. We have Fanelli Cafe which is such a great low key spot to have dinner. We have Arturo’s which is the best Italian in the area. I originally hesitated going to these places but they are here after all these years for a reason!

Aside from real estate, what are some of your interests?

I got a dog, Archie, in December 2017 so we have been strutting together. I take him everywhere with me. I like fundraising and improving the community. I work out all the time and love Peloton.

What do you love most about your own apartment?

The first apartment I bought in 2012 taught me about renovating, house rules, building financials, but I sold and bought a new apartment in 2017 around the corner!  I found a home that is extremely dog-friendly and Archie has gotten to know our neighbors. I love feeling part of something and seeing familiar faces every time I come and go. 


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