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I’m always thinking about real estate: apartments, lofts, townhouses…new development vs resale, condo vs coop…primary vs pied a terre or investment…that’s my job. And with everything going on right now, we’re spending almost all of our time in our homes. Home is a place of security, a shelter from storms, literally and figuratively. It’s a place where you find light when everywhere else feels shrouded in darkness.

Has this past month changed your perspective on where you live and the type of home you have chosen? Do you daydream about living in a different place or retiring somewhere totally different to where you are now? Where is that place? What does it look like and who is there with you?

I love where I Iive but I also fantasize about different scenarios all the time! My top three dream homes are 1. A townhouse on Gramercy Park 2. A beach cottage on Martha’s Vineyard 3. A horse farm in the Hudson Valley. With my husband and daughter of course and a couple of horses (where applicable). What is your dream living situation?? Tell me!

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