Agent Spotlight: Carrie McCue

Agent Spotlight: Carrie McCue

Carrie is The Meier team’s Team Coordinator and most of us don’t know what we’d do without her! Originally hailing from Natick, MA and a fairly recent graduate of Fordham University, she now calls Brooklyn her home.


What attracted you to real estate?

On a surface level, I think it’s really easy for people to be attracted to real estate for the perceived glitz and glam. Most people picture the industry – especially in New York – to be filled with sleek penthouses and lavish rooftop events with sweeping city skyline views and private chauffeurs, and cocktail parties on yachts. Although all of that exists, you’ll never succeed in this industry if those are the main factors that draw you in.

For me, my knowledge of hospitality and experience in luxury hotels and restaurants was what landed me in the industry. What I love most about hospitality is creating memories and a feeling that people won’t forget when they think back to the process. Your home is the place where you’ll create an identity, build memories, grow your family, host loved ones and unwind at the end of a tough day.  It is clients’ most valuable asset and likely the largest purchase they’ve ever made.  It not only requires a knowledge of the market and the city, but an ability to manage emotions, offer support in the stressful times and celebrate clients’ victories with them.  In a way, real estate is its own branch of hospitality. The process of house hunting and moving into a new space can be the worst experience of your life or a positive, life changing moment – it’s the job of the broker to tailor the process to your needs, which really speaks to me. There is no better feeling than closing a deal and knowing your client is confident in their new purchase and thrilled with the process as a whole.


If you could live in any neighborhood in any apartment, what would you pick and why?

My dream home would be a loft in the West Village! I’m super drawn to the neighborhood for its charm and the preserved, historic feel. I love the quiet, old cobblestone streets (although they are awful if you’re wearing heels!), delicious cozy restaurants, boutique hotels, and never ending options to get a hand crafted cocktail at the end of a long day. I’ve always dreamed of living in a rustic loft with tons of natural light and I love hosting friends so an open floor plan is definitely key! I also love interior design so it would be a dream to design a loft space from scratch – the possibilities are endless.  A girl can dream, give me 10 years!


Describe an average day at the office.

Three words to describe my average day are fast paced, team oriented, and high touch. My work is client facing and I work on about 200 deals a year, so all correspondence needs to present our team in the highest regard.  My work as a concierge at Onefinestay definitely prepared me for this role with being able to treat clients with the utmost care and discretion – my goal is for every client to feel like they are our only client! There is nothing more important than making people feel important, I’ve learned.

On a daily basis, my days consist of setting up tours for clients, assembling board packages, scheduling showings for all listings on our team, spearheading marketing campaigns, creating content for our blog, website and podcast, working with attorneys, brokers and bankers to ensure our transactions are progressing smoothly, all while ensuring our clients are as happy and at ease as possible. It’s safe to say that my organization and attention to detail has improved tenfold since joining the team!


What are your favorite things to do out of the office?

I enjoy catching up with friends at charming wine bars (my go to recs are La compagnie des Vins Surnaturels, and Sel Rrose), going to hot yoga at Y7, exploring new restaurants, and getting some fresh air while listening to a podcast (I have plenty of recommendations!!) I’ve been trying to get better at cooking for myself which is always more fun if you invite friends over and involve a few cocktails! When I have a free weekend, I love hosting old friends from home, catching some live music or heading to the beach with my family in Truro, Massachusetts.


What are some of your favorite shops and restaurants in your own neighborhood?

I’ve lived in Park Slope for close to two years now and I still stumble upon new finds every week! I spend a lot of my time in Manhattan so I’ve been making an effort to get to know my neighborhood more intimately.  Park slope is known for it’s quiet streets, stunning brownstones and delicious restaurants. Some of my local favorites are Fonda, Al Di La, Piccoli, Connecticut Muffin on Prospect Park for their vanilla chai lattes and La Bagel Delight on 7th ave for a weekend breakfast sandwich! Beacon’s Closet and L Train Vintage are amazing thrift shops in the area – I don’t shop much as I’m an avid Rent the Runway member, but every time my sisters come, they make a stop and get tons of trendy pieces and designer jeans. I also love walking or biking through Prospect Park –the people watching scene is iconic. Lastly, Brooklyn Bridge Park is just a 15 minute bus ride away – I was on a beach volleyball league on the sand courts on the pier this summer which was such a fun evening activity.


What’s the most rewarding experience you’ve had in the industry so far?

For me, the most rewarding experience has been proving my potential and ability despite my age. After many rounds of interviews, I initially didn’t get the job as I was fresh out of college with no experience in the real estate industry.  A few months later, I got the call that they had reconsidered and offered me a spot on the team.  Although I was definitely nervous to begin such an intensive role on a high-powered team, I was thrilled for the opportunity and took on the challenge with open arms.  I knew that this was my chance to prove my potential, learn from the best of the best in the industry and absorb as much knowledge, advice, and experience as possible.  I feel extremely lucky to get to work with so many unique, intelligent, captivating people from all over the world, each of whom brings a different perspective to the workplace. A year later, I have overseen over $150 million in sales and am thrilled for what my future in the industry holds for me!

What can’t you live without in your apartment?

My Frette sheet set, air conditioner, essential oil rollerballs, Diptyque candle in Baies, Netflix and charcuterie boards… I’m the queen of relaxation after a busy week!


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