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I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Sutton Place Social Magazine, the exclusive monthly neighborhood publication of Sutton Place. Check out my interview below to find out why I love my neighborhood and what it’s like working with my new team at Douglas Elliman!

This month, A Minute With is introducing you to Alexis Godley, who is not only a real estate agent working with Douglas Elliman, but your neighbor in Sutton Place! We discuss her career path, what she loves about Sutton and her favorite real estate spots in the city and the Hamptons!

Where did you grow up and how long have you lived in NYC?

I grew up in Loudonville, NY a little known but beautiful hamlet just north of Albany. I’ve lived in New York City for almost 17 years! 

How did you become interested in working in real estate? What was your career path to your current position? 

I had worked in sales and marketing for a wellness brand for almost 10 years. I had my daughter and went through a divorce, having to sell my condo in Tribeca. I did a ton of research on the market and when I was discussing how much I thought it would sell for with my attorney and why, he looked at me, smiled and said, “You should be a real estate broker!” It was a bit of an “aha moment” for me, because I felt a little lost at the time; I had taken 2 years off from work to be at home with my daughter and I was about to begin my life as a single mother. Reinvention was necessary, and real estate had become my calling. Needless to say, the apartment went into contract at the price I had predicted within two weeks of hitting the market. Shortly thereafter I was offered a position on my former real estate broker’s team and I never looked back.  

You recently debuted the Juracich/Godley team at Douglas Elliman, congratulations! What’s it like working closely with a team in real estate, and what do you think are the benefits?

Thank you! It’s very exciting! I’ve always been part of a team – I love the support system and shared knowledge. No two deals are ever the same in real estate and it helps to pull from shared experiences… whether it is different ways to structure a transaction, showing coverage when I can’t be in two places at once or creating marketing solutions for a unique property. Catherine, Tom and I were previously on another team together and we just really clicked. The three of us have a great connection and complement each other in ways that make our team very dynamic and effective. We pride ourselves on providing an intimate, client-oriented sales experience for all transactions. All too often you see brokers with 20-30 listings, and that’s when exceptional client service gets pushed to the back burner. 

Last issue, you wrote an article that mentioned your new apartment in Sutton Place. What made you choose Sutton, and what are some of your favorite things about living in the neighborhood? 

I find the neighborhood so incredibly charming and kind of a hidden gem in NYC. The beautiful architecture, close proximity to the water and the overwhelming sense of community, really just create an enjoyable and desirable atmosphere. I have a cheese shop (Ideal Cheese), a butcher (Simchick Meats) and an incredible florist (Zeze Flowers) all within a block from me, which I just love. Small proprietors like that really give the neighborhood an almost village-like feel. I also love the pockets of green spaces, and views of the river along with the myriad restaurant options. Jubilee is delicious and I’m very excited for the new Rosa Mexicano location on 53rd and 2nd. Also, Coco Pazzeria, which is opening soon on 59th and 1st! 

What’s special about working in New York City and The Hamptons? What are some of your favorite areas when it comes to real estate? (outside of Sutton!) 

My partner, Catherine, and I have homes in both the city & the Hamptons, and so do the majority of our clients. There is so much fluidity between these two markets and I really have a strong connection to both places: it’s an ebb and flow between the city’s vibrant energy and the country’s open sky and ocean. I’m very thankful for that balance. 

In the city, it’s so hard to single out specific neighborhoods because they all have their own distinct appeal. The East Village/Noho/Nolita will always have a piece of my heart because that is the neighborhood(s) I called home when I first moved to New York City. My aunt also had an incredible loft on Bond & Lafayette that I always visited as a kid. I have so many fun memories of that apartment and I remember looking out her window with my siblings at the illuminated Tower Records store. I also love Gramercy Park and its environs. 

In the Hamptons, I love so many areas, there really is something for everyone, but we are doing a lot of business in Amagansett at the moment. The main street is small & quaint, and not overtly flashy. The homes in the lanes are just so gorgeous and close to the beach. The dunes, which is little more laid back and beachy, also hold their own special appeal. Overall, it’s a pretty magical bit of East Hampton. 

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